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    Voluntary Insurance Options


    This page is being provided to you for general information. For plan changes or to add coverage please contact your agent at the bottom of this page.

    By choosing to participate in Aflac plans through your employer you have some advantages compared to buying the plans direct.


    1. Discounted Rates


    2. Convenient Payroll Deductions


    3. Pre-taxing of the premiums


    4. Simplified Underwriting Questions


    5. All plans are portable (Keep them when you leave employment or retire)


    6. Rate Stability


  • Aflac Accident Advantage

    24 Hour Coverage

    Choice Hospital Indemnity

    Aflac Lump Sum Critical Illness

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    Download The Plan Brochure

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    Download The Plan Brochure

    The Aflac Plus Rider is not a stand alone policy. This is a rider that can be added to the Accident Policy or the Choice Hospital Policy

  • The rates shown below are an example and do not in anyway constitute a guarantee in coverage. Please visit with your company's dedicated agent Cindy Hawkinson to get a specific quote, to add/change current coverage or to apply for new coverage.


    (Additional Riders are available on most plans)


    Plan changes can be made during your open enrollment, unless you have a qualified life change event.


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    Cindy Hawkinson


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  • If you need assistance or have questions about your claim please contact our office.