• Enrollment Solutions

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    Benefit Enrollment Systems

    Benefit administration systems can be complicated to create and operate. We take the burden of shopping for the right system, customizing the platform and overseeing the operation through out the year. Our team of professionals has the capability to work with HR teams and Brokers to create a custom platform capable of delivering a top notch benefit enrollment experience to your employees. A well designed Benefit Administration System will save an organization time and money by automating the enrollment process and eliminating mistakes made when using paper applications. Options are available for purchase by the employer/broker or waived when offering supplemental health insurance programs through our organization.

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    Insurance Enrollment Solutions

    For Brokers and HR professionals designing insurance plans and keeping costs manageable are the top priorities, as they should be. One aspect that is sometimes overlooked is delivering the best enrollment solution for the employees. Many organizations don't examine these options because they feel they are not big enough to have many options or because they have just always used paper applications. Many delivery options exist, organizations can also choose hybrid enrollments that utilize multiple enrollment options for the employees. Below are a few to consider.

    Multiple funding options are available depending on the delivery method chosen. Costs may be waived in many cases when offering voluntary supplemental health insurance programs through our organization.

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    New Hire Enrollment Solutions

    We are dedicated to supporting your organization by continuing the education process with new hires throughout the year. We will work with you when you have one new hire or when you open an entirely new location in another state. Our team is ready to support you and your employees.

  • We've got a top notch team ready to serve your needs!

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    Group Meetings

    This method of enrollment is typically the initial employee presentation giving the employees a basic understanding of their benefit options. Following this presentation most clients would then utilize one of the following methods to collect enrollment data.

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    One-on-One Meetings

    The network of well trained benefit professionals we have allows you to be at ease that your employees can ask questions and pick the plans that fit their family best. We work on your behalf as a true benefit consultant.

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    Online Enrollment

    When utilizing this option we use a system that has options to include education materials, videos and other features that can be customized to fit your needs. Our system options are mobile friendly and work with most insurance carriers. When engaging this option we do have the ability use self enrollment or assisted enrollment.

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    Telephonic Enrollment

    Even though this option is one of the least used options in recent years, we feel it is a must have when considering benefit delivery. If you have employees in remote areas with little internet access, employees that may feel uncomfortable going online or employees that may want to consult with a professional, this would be their preferred benefit enrollment option.