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    Our organization gives companies the ability to protect their most important investment, their employees.

    Health insurance continues to become more complex for employers and their employees. We offer solutions that compliment your current plans while giving new options that can be strategically designed to drive down health insurance costs while supporting your employees.


    We specialize in worksite benefits and the plans that surround your major medical insurance. Our organization is not captive, we examine multiple solutions when looking at plan options. Understanding how each carrier underwrites and services their plans is vital to choosing the right insurance company.

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    Supplemental Health Insurance Programs

    Accident-Hospital-Cancer-Critical Illness


    With health insurance deductibles consistently going up, employees need an option to cover their out-of-pockets expenses. These plans allow your employees to specifically cover conditions they are concerned about. Most plans are customized to the individual. Any of the Supplemental benefits we offer can be funded by the employer or 100% employee paid.

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    Consumer-Driven Healthcare


    Health Savings Accounts(HSA)
    Health Reimbursement Arrangement(HRA)

    These benefits combine a health insurance plan with a tax-advantaged account that enrollees can use to pay for covered medical expenses. CDHC benefits are a fast growing trend that any company considering moving to a high deductible should consider.

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    Section 125 Plans


    Premium-Only Plans (POP)
    Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

    Section 125 plans are a simple way to help your employees that have consistent medical treatments or have childcare expenses. These plans are designed to allow your employees to pretax insurance premiums and to set aside pretax funds to use on qualified medical expenses and/or dependent care expenses.

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    Identity Theft Protection

    Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US. An estimated 15 million US citizens will have their identity compromised each year. Just trying to be careful isn't enough in a world full of electronics and online commerce. Options are available as employer paid or 100% employee paid.

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    Legal Plans

    Individual and Family Plans - Small Business Plans

    Instead of paying expensive fees to hire a lawyer we have options for businesses and/or your employees to pay a much smaller monthly fee to have access to legal help when you need it. Options are available as employer paid or 100% employee paid.

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    Telemedicine is becoming a must have benefit. This coverage gives employees and their family members an option to remotely access a medical professional 24/7. This provides a great ROI for both employers and employees. Options are available as employer paid or 100% employee paid.

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    WorkSite Wellness Testing

    A great worksite wellness program will help your employees manage their current health, contain health insurance premiums, decrease absenteeism and positively influence your employees overall well-being. Options are available for self-funded and fully insured clients. Many of our clients do not have to pay anything for this service.

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    Worksite Immunizations/Flu Shots


    For many companies immunizations, including flu shots, are a $0 benefit imbedded in your major medical insurance. Employees don't utilize this option because life is busy and they don't have time to get to their doctors office. Protect your workforce by bringing the nurses to them.

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    Pet Insurance

    Pet Insurance is one of the fastest growing benefits in the US. Considering the rise in the number of pet owners and the often-costly medical bills associated with the health of their pets, it makes sense to offer these plans. Options are available as employer paid or 100% employee paid.

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    Student Debt Repayment Programs

    Student debt is the fastest growing form of consumer debt in America. With the average annual cost of college increasing at a mindblowing rate over the last decade, employees need a way to lower their debt post college. This program gives companies a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining top talent. Customizable options for this benefit make it a very affordable option for employers. 

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    Benefit Administration Systems

    Benefit administration systems can be complicated to create and operate. We take the burden of shopping for the right system, customizing the platform and overseeing the operation through out the year. Our team of professionals has the capability to work with HR teams and Brokers to create a custom platform capable of delivering a top notch benefit enrollment experience to your employees. A well designed Benefit Administration System will save an organization time and money by automating the enrollment process and eliminating mistakes made when using paper applications. Options are available for purchase by the employer/broker or waived when offering supplemental health insurance programs through our organization.

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    Benefit Enrollment Solutions

    For Brokers and HR professionals, designing insurance plans and keeping costs manageable are the top priorities. One aspect that is sometimes difficult to incorporate is delivering the best enrollment communication plan for the employees. Many organizations don't examine these options because they feel they are not big enough to have multiple options or because they have just always used paper applications. Many delivery options exist, organizations can also choose hybrid enrollments that utilize multiple enrollment communication options for their employees. Below are a few to consider.

    • One-on-one enrollment with a trained insurance professional - The network of well trained benefit professionals we have allows you to be at ease that your employees can ask questions and pick the plans that fit their family's needs best.
    • Online Employee Self Enrollment - The benefit administration systems we work with can allow for self enrollment.  When utilizing this option we use a system that has options to include education materials, videos and other features that can be customized for your needs.  Our system options are mobile friendly and will keep you compliant with your insurance carriers.
    • Telephone enrollment - Even though this option is one of the least used options in recent years, we feel it is a must have when considering benefit delivery options.  If you have employees in remote areas with little internet access, employees that may feel uncomfortable going online or employees that may want to consult with a professional as they choose their options this would be their preferred benefit enrollment option.  This option functions best when combined with a capable benefit administration system.  

    Multiple funding options are available depending on the delivery method chosen. Costs may be waived in many cases when offering voluntary supplemental health insurance programs through our organization.