• Northwest Building Supply

    Voluntary Insurance Options

    By choosing to participate in Colonial Life plans through Northwest Building Supply you have some advantages compared to buying the plans direct.


    1. Discounted Rates


    2. Convenient Payroll Deductions


    3. Pre-taxing of qualified plans


    4. Simplified Underwriting Questions


    5. Most plans are portable (Keep them when you leave employment or retire)


    6. Rate Stability


  • Colonial Life - Group Accident

    24 Hour Coverage

    Colonial Life - Cancer Assist

    Colonial Life -

    Hospital Indemnity (Medical Bridge)

    Colonial Life - Group Critical Illness

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    Download The Accident Plan Brochure

    24 hour coverage

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    Download The Hospital Medical Bridge Plan Brochure

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    Download The Group Critical Illness Plan Brochure

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    Enrollment is completed through your Ease Benefits System. Follow the link below to enroll. Enrollment is available during Open Enrollment, as a new hire, or if you have a Qualified Life Event. For assistance please contact your HR Manager.

    Visit the Colonial Life website below to:

    View current plans

    View claims history

    Submit new claims

    and more

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    If you need assistance or have questions about your claim please contact our office.