• Cytovance Biologics

    Voluntary Insurance Options

    By choosing to participate in Aflac plans through Cytovance Biologics you have some advantages compared to buying the plans direct.


    1. Discounted Rates


    2. Convenient Payroll Deductions


    3. Pre-taxing of the premiums


    4. Guaranteed Issue Policies


    5. All plans are portable (Keep them when you leave employment or retire)




  • Aflac Group Accident

    24 Hour Coverage

    Aflac Group Critical Illness Insurance

    Aflac Group Hospital Indemnity

  • Download The Plan Brochure

    24 hour coverage

  • Download The Plan Brochure

  • Download The Plan Brochure

  • Download The Plan Rates

    The rates shown below are an example and do not in anyway constitute a guarantee in coverage.

  • All enrollments or changes will be completed in your Workday payroll system. If you have questions about that system please contact your HR Department.

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